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Fertilizer at  ½  the cost

We take your plants to new heights.

Black Dirt Organics uses chemical-free, patented, and proprietary methods to extract plant nutrients from high-quality compost. Unlike ordinary compost created with whatever organic matter is available, our compost is created with consistent inputs and is carefully monitored daily for both temperature and moisture throughout the composting process. Consistently higher quality compost results in more microbes which produce more fulvic and humic acid. Fulvic and humic acid are the natural transporters of nutrients into all plants.
Black Dirt Organics has received numerous awards over the past 8 years including: 2nd Place Invented in Utah, Best of State Business Innovation, and Best of State in Farm Equipment and Supplies 7 times. Farmers adding this product to their fertilizer input program achieved five new world records between 2014 - 2020 going from 429 Bushels of corn per acre to 616 Bushels per acre in 2020.

Mission Statement

To regenerate the bio-organic nature of soils.
To strengthen the earth’s ability to provide better natural sources of food.
To heal the earth.

Help us heal the earth.

Let's grow something together.
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