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All-Natural Liquid Compost
Fertilizer at  ½  the cost

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No Chemicals

Safe For Animals & Kids.

Best in the Market

Increases Plant Sugar In 30 Minutes.
What makes GroTerra™ the best?
Contains Over 70 nutrients
Water soluble
Reduces leaching of chemical fertilizers
Easier to apply than compost
Improves soil biological profile
Contains both Fulvic and Humic acid
Chelates with most fertilizers
Produces healthier plants
Very quick results when applied to leaves
Increases carbon capture.
No chemicals used in extraction
Makes other fertilizers more bio-available
Healthy plants can better resist insects and disease
Reduces global warming.


Great for Lawns, Gardens, Flowers, Shrubs and Trees.

Most chemical fertilizers can be great for immediate plant growth, but ignore the long-term health of soil and are not always beneficial for the rest of the environment. GroTerra™ feeds the plant quickly and improves the soil by feeding microbes. It grows the best garden without sacrificing the rest of the environment. Join us in helping to heal the earth.
We strive to give you the best experience possible by offering a great product, at an affordable price. Our proven track record and testimonials speak for themselves.
A product that actually works!
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7 Best of State Awards

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About Us

The value of compost in agriculture, turf management and horticulture has been well established. The question is how do you apply it and how do you reapply it during the growing season? That problem has been solved with the release of GroTerra™ for urban application.

Black Dirt Organics LLC uses proprietary methods to extract nutrients from spent compost. The process uses no chemicals to produce nutrients containing. All the nutritional benefits of compost in an easy to apply liquid called GroTerra™. It can be applied to the soil, or as a foliar spray with measurable increase in plant nutrient density in as little as 30 minutes. Applying GroTerra™ allows for a reduction or elimination of the use of chemical or synthetic fertilizers and pesticides so the soil can begin to support more of nature's beneficial microbes.


Hear it from our customers.

Jared R.

Putnam County
"Treated fields were ready for use 10 days earlier and the grass was thicker and looked a lot healthier. After the season we could still tell the difference between the Control fields and the Treated fields. The treated fields with stood the usage much better than the Control fields. We will continue using GroTerra™ in the entire season nest year not just the fall. Jared Roberts Soccer Field Replicated testing of GroTerra™."

Michael F.

Utah County
"My name is Michael Fernandez. I am a retired auto worker and gardening, growing fruit trees and bee keeping is now my avocation. I have been using Black Dirt Organics "Gro Terra" for over 4 years running. Having moved to Central Utah from Florida I soon discovered that the Alkaline soils were not suitable to grow vigorous vegetable plants. Although I applied granular Sulphur to increase the soil Ph, amonium nitrate and compost, my plants were not full of vigor. To me, a plant is either surviving or thriving. I met an associate of Cal's who introduced me to this Black Dirt product and gave me a gallon to try out. I applied it as a foliar spray and I also injected it into the root system. My plants showed signs of improvement within 30 minutes. I also placed some in a spritzer bottle and added club soda. I tried it on some hot peppers that I bought late in the season. They were half dead. Again, within an hour there was no sign of leaf wilt. What's more, by the end of the season I was growing Roma tomatoes the size of a Florida Mango. I use it as a foliar spray on my fruit trees as well. I can boast that my garden is Organic and Vigorous."

Asa N.

Orem, Utah
"I have been using the Black Dirt Organics GroTerra™ product for four years. I have reduced the application of commercial lawn fertilizer to a single medium application in the Spring. I have also been able to reduce the amount of water on the lawns. I have applied the project to our fruit trees and vegetables. The quality and quantity of the produce has significantly improved. Ripe, off-vine tomatoes last much longer than any store-bought tomatoes.
I am sold on this product!"

Diane V.

Orem, Utah
"I love using Growterra on my gardens. It makes my flowers grow stronger and larger and the blossoms are amazing. In my vegetable garden, not only are my plants healthier, but my tomatoes are sweeter and I never have a bitter cucumber."

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